Student of the Month


Teri Stone

Age: 37
Job/Hobbies: Patient Advocate with Legal Aid of WV. Hobbies include reading/watching anything horror-related and looking for store sign with partially burned out letters (it makes me laugh!)
Happy Teri: I am the happiest right now. The fall season and Halloween is my favorite time of the year!
Why Teri Loves BDY: "I love coming into each class and seeing people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who are focused on their health. I was never someone who enjoyed working out with others before BDY, but now I love being surrounded by people who are on this journey together. And the instructors are super motivating and supportive!"
Who/What Inspires Teri: "Is it wrong to say that Teri inspires Teri? You see, in 2012, I was 350 lbs. and miserable. I was so unhealthy and unhappy. I finally decided that I was tired of not living up to my full potential, so I started eating healthier and exercising and lost nearly 200 lbs. Since then I have completed half marathons and played 2+ years of roller derby and continue my search of fitness challenges. So now, when a workout is tough and I feel that self-doubt creeping in I tell myself, "Make her proud" referring to the person I used to be and will never be again."