Feel the Beat with Indoor Cycling

Embrace the Journey Ahead ~ Unleash the Power Within

Indoor Cycling offers daily workouts designed to lead riders through a beat-driven, transformational fitness experience for the mind, body, and spirit. Our staff is dedicated to creating a motivating and supportive environment by providing riders with a healthy and enjoyable escape from the outside world.  Located in Huntington, West Virginia and serving the entire Tri-state region, BDY Cycle is a 45-minute, low-impact and energizing group fitness class.  We also offer special fusion classes combining the benefits of strength and core training with cycling. If your goal is losing weight, improving your overall fitness, or simply having fun, Indoor Cycling and Yoga, are your sources for inspired health and wellness. 

New Students ~ 2 Weeks, $20 ~ All Classes at Brown Dog Yoga

~ Cycle Yoga~ 30 Minutes Cycling/30 Minutes Yoga
Cycle Fusion ~ 30 Minutes Strength & Core/30 Minutes Cycling

One AWESOME Experience!

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