Commitment. Discipline. Hard words. Yet this is what yoga teaches us. Most of us won’t walk into a yoga studio and rock out a handstand. We have to commit to our practice. We have to have the discipline to come regularly, to show up on the mat even when we don’t want to. To be in the present moment in the class and give it our all.

This commitment is reinforced by the Brown Dog Yoga and Tailwind Indoor Cycling cancellation policy. I totally get it; really, I do. Commitment is SCARY. If you know me personally, then you know how much of a flake I truly am! You've had a long and stressful day, you're feeling a little sluggish and you don't particularly feel like holding warrior II or pulsing in a plié or 32 counts. So you hit cancel, if you happen to remember to cancel at all, and go about your newly revised day without a second thought. But don’t forget the student sitting on a waitlist ready to make the commitment to be in that class or an instructor who has put in time and effort to plan a class around a certain number of students.

As instructors, we are constantly plagued with waiting to start class because we aren't sure if you'll show up or if you made other plans. And then sometimes, we assume you aren't coming, lock up and start class, only to hear knocking on the door moments later. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a serious chronic problem. However, our family is growing. Huntington sees value in what Brown Dog and Tailwind have brought to our community and mores people are ready to commit to being part of it -- which is pretty amazing! So, this forces us as humans and a family to put forth a little more effort to communicate, plan, and be held accountable. Most of the time, cancelling four hours before class isn't a problem. But let's be honest, life happens! Lucky for our students, we as instructors understand that things come up and are more than willing to work with you but communication is key.

Personally, I think asking for this level of commitment is not only good, but completely reasonable. Hopefully, students will find value in committing to coming to class and being held accountable to show up! Because I can tell you first hand, waking up at 5am, heading to the studio to find everyone has cancelled, is not only disappointing to the instructor, but I would imagine is a bit more disappointing to your true self. Don't be afraid to commit, but even more importantly, don't be afraid to hold yourself accountable, follow through with your intentions, so when it's all said and done, you kept true to yourself.

Love and puppy kisses,


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