3:01 pm

Technology Addiction?

UGH. I left my cell phone on my kitchen counter. This was not how I wanted to start my Monday. How would I share my brilliant random thoughts with my friends? How will I check to see how many activity minutes my dogs have today? How will I post clever and witty pictures on Instagram? What if somebody NEEDS me and I can't answer their text?

I know this seems like a silly issue, but as I sat in my office jonesing for just one tap on my phone, I realized I may have a problem.

Hello, my name is Cathy and I'm addicted to technology.

But as I continued to reflect on this issue (and I had plenty of time to reflect because I didn't have my phone to keep me occupied), I realized that it is possible that my addiction to technology is just some of my deeper issues coming out in a different way. Is it possible that I want to check on my dogs activity minutes because I have a tendency to worry about the people and things I love? I think about all the awful things that could happen when I'm not within them. (Like I can somehow control awful things from happening just by my mere presence.) I want to post on Instagram so I can then obsessively watch how many likes I have.....I"m sure this is in no way a manifestation of my insecurities or my desire to have people like me. There is no way that my habit of being available WHENEVER anybody needs anything has to do with my habit of wanting to "fix" things for people so they feel better, right?

Typically when we think of addiction, we think of drugs, alcohol, or maybe even food. These people are often relying on their addiction to escape their pain.But there are many other types of addictions that we never consider -- technology, tv, books, or even that obsessive need for just one more yoga class.

So my challenge to you is to really consider what your addiction is. And perhaps more importantly, what are you trying to escape or ignore with that addiction?

FYI, I went home to get my phone.... I couldn't take it anymore! But they say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Admission made! (Baby steps, people. Baby steps!)

Peace and Love
~ Cathy

3:02 pm

Chasing my Mistakes

I've been sad lately and it is an emotion I don't appreciate. As a rule, I'm not a sad person. I've always thought it is easier to be happy -- to smile, to laugh, to enjoy life. But I've been sad and I can't seem to shake it. I've been thinking about "doing" something to find happiness, to find a minute of joy, a moment of relief from the sadness. But something keeps holding me back -- this little feeling in my gut that "doing" was not going to end well. (I blame yoga and how it's changed my sense of spirituality and the divine for this little tickling of doubt that "doing" wasn't going to make things better. Stupid yoga.) Whatever the reason, I couldn't seem to let go and just act.

I was talking with a someone I've grown close to the other night (someone who has great faith and belief in the grace of God) about my feelings of discontent --about wanting to do something that I knew probably wasn't good for me in the long run. I asked him how he wrestled with his desires and his faith. He sat back and pondered for a moment before slowly saying, "I don't chase my mistakes anymore."

I've been sitting with that statement for a couple of days now and it continues to resonate with me. Most of the things I've chased in the name of being happy have ended up being a mistake. They've ended up causing me more problems or pain than the fleeting moment of joy or happiness I experienced during the chase.

Yoga has a Niyama, one of the personal code of ethics, of Santosha or contentment. This Niyama basically teaches to find contentment in your current situation in life. Not to go chasing mistakes, but to embrace the experience -- even the sadness. I'm trying to remember that without sadness you can't appreciate happiness. So I'm going to accept my sadness and recognize that this is an experience that will teach me a lesson and pass when the time is right. I'm going to practice Santosha and try to be content in this moment until it passes. More importantly, I'm not going to chase my mistakes looking for happiness in something or someone else.

I may never tell the my friend how impactful his words were -- because I hate it when he's right and I'm wrong -- but I already feel a little better following this path. Maybe, just maybe, I too will stop chasing my mistakes and allow the journey to happen.

Peace and Love ~