Emily Smith

Emily is a student at Marshall University and is from Elizabeth, WV. She began taking classes at BDY in 2016 and has been in love with it ever since. Before taking classes at BDY, Emily was a dedicated runner and BDY opened her eyes to a whole new workout regimen. She enjoyed the atmosphere and people at the studio so much that she was inspired to take the BDY Barre Instructor Certification. Her goal as an instructor is to make sure her students leave smiling after a great workout!

Emily Smith instructs the following:
  • BDY Barre
  • This workout is a uniquely fun, high-energy group fitness experience, which fuses exercise techniques from yoga, pilates, and ballet to tone your whole body without adding bulk. This class will utilize light weights, resistance bands, and small, controlled movements along with cardio intervals. Students may be barefoot or wear toe socks.

  • BDY Barre Bounce
  • BDY Barre Bounce is a blended 45-minute class that utilizes both bounce and barre-style methods. Students will experience the use of re-bounders for low-impact cardiovascular exercise and periods of barre-inspired movement, including small and controlled isometric movements for long, lean muscles. This class is the perfect blend of HIIT training and muscle-defining fun! This class is appropriate for all-levels, especially those looking for a low-impact cardio class. Barre socks are recommended.