The Truth Behind the Numbers

This class is taught by:

Rich Mailloux

Rich Mailloux began practicing yoga in 2010 with his wife, Katrina. He immediately saw changes in his overall fitness, becoming stronger, faster and more flexible. Although a busy physician, he became hooked and embarked upon the yoga teacher training program. Rich currently teaches students at the MU Recreation Center and at BDY, and he embraces an approach which appeals to those who consider themselves “inflexible” in both mind and body. Rich is the Co-Director of the Brown Dog Yoga RYT-200 hour Teacher Training Program. Whether your an avid fitness enthusiast, or want to embrace a different approach to wellness, Rich has your prescription.
Dr. Richard Mailloux, Yoga and indoor cycling instructor and co-owner of Brown Dog Yoga Will break down the truth behind the numbers in this free 45 minute workshop. You will learn what the numbers mean, why your numbers will vary from studio to studio and workout to workout, what you need to be looking for if you’re exercising on a daily basis. You will learn why a certain range or color for heart rate training is not the best way to judge your performance and why heart rate monitoring and training is important. Learn what EPOC or post-workout calorie burn really means and how you can determine what is reasonable and accurate for your body without relying on a computer or workout Summary. In this workshop you will get the truth and a little spin on our state of the art bikes.