Student of the Month


Mayrose Wegmann

Age: 35

Job/Hobbies: Organizational Specialist for National Education Association.  I help educators help their students and schools all over the country.

Happy Sharon: I am happy when I am practicing yoga, traveling, spending time with my partner Conrad, and seeing the smile on kid's faces.

Why Mayrose loves Yoga:  Yoga is my happiness.  It's been a personal journey for both my body and mind.  It brings people together and allows for both community and individual growth.  I've traveled the world through my yoga practice.  I've visited India, Thailand, Peru, Argentina, and Nepal for retreats.  I have met some of the greatest friends through yoga who have become family.  Yoga is always with me- in the airport, during tough times, and it brings great joy and love to the world too often filled with hate and suffering.