Private Yoga Sessions & Parties

BDY offers a FREE 30-minute private yoga session to new students. This session is great for students who are interested in yoga, but a little uncertain about taking a group class. Students can choose from a variety of different BDY instructors and times. This allows students to find the teacher that matches their interest in yoga. This free class is available to students one time only.

Private yoga sessions are also offered in hour-long increments, for one ($70) or two-person groups ($50 each) and are ideal for those wanting to broaden their yoga practice with personal attention and focus on the students'particular needs. 

Katrina Mailloux - Katrina experienced the benefits of private yoga first-hand when working with her teacher. Her interest lies in using the breath along with yoga postures to tap into the deeper realms of the body and mind. She enjoys exploring the therapeutic aspects of yoga through breathwork, movement of energy, and utilizing props that support proper alignment in the student's body. Her goal is to help her students create an environment where they can ultimately become their own best teacher.

Susie Ferguson- Susie is a long-time yoga practitioner, and is a counselor in secondary education in Huntington.  She enjoys sharing her passion for yoga with a gift for teaching yoga for beginning students.  She is a firm believer in the use of props to make the practice more accessible, and enjoys teaching chair yoga and yoga for special populations.  

Sarah Hood - Sarah believes it's the combination of mind, soul, and the body that makes yoga more of an experience than simply "exercise." Sarah incorporates breath work into a meditative flow to help students reduces anxiety on and off the mat. Sarah's true love is for a yummy, vinyasa flow, but she also specializes in foundational flow for beginners, as well as restorative yoga.

Valerie Sellards - Valerie combines alignment based hatha yoga with a spirit of playfulness in order to facilitate both internal and external growth. Her areas of expertise are, but not limited to, prenatal, restorative, advanced and beginner yoga using all necessary props.

Cathy Snoddy - Cathy believes that yoga is for EVERYBODY -- even bigger bodies or people who think they aren't flexible enough to do yoga!   Bringing her teacher background into the yoga studio, she loves to breakdown poses for a deeper understanding of body alignment and what you should be feeling. Her focus is on slow deep practices such as yin or restorative yoga, meditation, and accessible hatha yoga using block, straps, bolsters, and chairs. 

Schedule your FREE 30-minute private session.

Getting married?  Have an important birthday coming up?  Wish to focus on team-building for your next corporate event?  BDY offers private parties with its instructors so that you can celebrate a milestone event, have fun, or inspire your group with the gift of health and wellness.  Yoga, BDY Barre or Tailwind Cycling sessions are available.  Call 304-617-6240 for more information.